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For new album "Ten Sails" with Luke Howard, please visit his bandcamp page at (or google "Luke Howard Ten Sails")

Follow links on this website to listen/purchase my debut album from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

"Nadje Noordhuis toils in search of beauty with the creative spirit of a lion and the artistic voice of a songbird. "

- Critical Jazz

“a lucid, unified and deep first offering from an artist who reminds us that jazz has room for straightforward, accessible beauty too.”

– Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen

“tenderness and melody reign supreme”

– Michael J. West, JazzTimes

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  • What I'm listening to at the moment... March 14, 2014
    Just in case anyone is vaguely interested, I recently wrote about my top 5 current picks for the Wing Walker Music blog. Check it out here:'s all. Short and sweet. Hope all is well in your world.
  • Why teaching at summer camp is better for me than for my students August 8, 2013
    While many of my friends were sweltering in the oppressively humid and smelly heat that is New York in the summertime, I was happily indoors in air conditioned comfort for about 95% of July. I was at camp. It was my eighth time teaching at Camp MSM, a residential (or day) camp for students aged […]
  • Laurie Frink, my dear friend. July 15, 2013
    I am certainly no stranger to grief these days, and I thought that perhaps writing about my beloved Laurie would help me (and maybe you too) deal with this incredible loss. I first read about Laurie in 2000 when I came across a book on a friend's bookshelf called Madame Jazz: Contemporary Women Instrumentalists by […]
  • What do you call a bass with six strings? April 11, 2013
    That would be a six string semi-acoustic bass guitar, I do believe. And the only person I know who plays one is Aussie bassist Christopher Hale. He is in New York for a month or so, doing what us musicians do best here - playing gigs, meeting new people, being inspired, creating new ideas, eating, […]